How to Apply Dyes

Dyes are coming to ESO in August. Currently, on the PTS you can preview how the dye system will work.

To apply dyes to your armor, you must visit a Dye Station. There is at least one Dye Station per zone , located within a town. Once you apply color changes to your armor, the armor pieces bound to your character. You can use the Randomize button to apply a random assortment of colors to your armor based on those dyes you have unlocked. You can re-dye armor pieces as often as you like.

All dyes are unlocked through the Achievement system.

Dye Stations

Dye Station Symbol

Dye Station

Dye Station Menu

The dyes are sorted by Hue or Rarity

Dye Station MenuDye Station Menu 2

Dye Station Tools


The Paint Brush allows you to apply color to a single color block.


Dye All

The Paint Can allows you to apply color to all three color blocks at once.

Dye All

Clear Color

The Eraser allows you to clear the color from a single block.


Copy Color

The Eye Dropper allows you to copy a color from a block.


Set Fill

The Color Blocks allow you to use a Saved Set to fill the color blocks.

Set Fill

Saved Sets

To make it easier to apply color to multiple items, you can save up to four color sets.

Saved Sets

Color Blocks

Each armor item has three color blocks that apply to different parts of the armor: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.

Color Blocks

Here are examples of undyed heavy, medium, and light chest pieces.

Heavy ChestMedium Chest PieceLight Chest Piece


Here are the same chest pieces with a primary dye.

Primary Heavy ChestPrimary Medium ChestPrimary Light Chest


Here are the same chest pieces with a secondary dye.

Secondary Heavy ChestSecondary Medium ChestSecondary Light Chest


Here are the same chest pieces with a tertiary dye.

Tertiary Heavy ChestTertiary Medium ChestTertiary Light Chest

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